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ChicagoRT @chicagosmayor: mRNA COVID-19 vaccines work. They don't use any COVID-19 virus and they help stop its spread. Listen to why these frontl… 36
ChicagoNo Chicagoan should lose their power or gas in the middle of a cold Chicago winter. Both utility companies have suspended power and gas shut-offs. 19
Chicagochicago, let's help her out! 0
ChicagoRT @JakesTakes: There is a light at the end of the tunnel — hang in there, folks. 3
ChicagoRT @whitesox: Thank you @chicagosmayor and the City of Chicago (@chicago) for generously donating 5,000 face masks during the Chicago leg o… 15
ChicagoOur city's 400,000 frontline healthcare workers will be among the first to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. Let’s care for those who care for us.
ChicagoRT @ChicagoBears: Game Faces: 🔘 ON ⚪️ OFF #WallpaperWednesday | #DaBears 50
ChicagoRT @ChicagoBears: WR☝️ for a reason. RT to #ProBowlVote @AllenRobinson! 🎯 800
ChicagoRT @Cubs: Happy New Year!
ChicagoIn just six months, we've reduced the number of @ChicagoCPS students without high-speed internet access by 54,000 with our #ChicagoConnected program. We're not stopping there. Check if your family qualifies at
ChicagoThe first COVID-19 vaccines have arrived in Chicago. 420
ChicagoStill have your 🎄? Starting today, you can drop it off at one of two dozen parks across the city and we'll turn it into mulch for our parks and forest preserves ⬇️ 19
ChicagoRT @cshimala: The #CTAHolidayTrain passing the @Chicago @Cubs Wrigley Field on its way to the Howard station for the night. Santa will make… 156
ChicagoFam, let's help em out with some vegan sushi recs! 3
ChicagoDon't throw out that Christmas tree! Last year, our Christmas Tree Recycling Program diverted over half a million pounds from our landfills. You can recycle your 🎄 at two dozen parks starting on Jan. 9 ⬇️ 59
ChicagoLas primeras vacunas COVID-19 se administraron esta semana en el Loretto Hospital en el vecindario de Austin. En este episodio aprende más sobre por qué es tan importante que reciba la vacuna cuando sea su turno.
ChicagoYou are stronger and more capable than you could ever possibly imagine 💕 64
ChicagoAño nuevo, misma pandemia! Protege a su familia, su comunidad y a Chicago vacunandose tan pronte como sea su turno.
ChicagoThe first day of 2021 has brought snow and freezing rain to our city. The folks of @StreetsandSan are out keeping our roads safe and clear for Chicagoans but please be careful if you have to drive. 3
ChicagoRT @mysteriousdays: I am strong 💪🏾 I can be patient. I will endure. This moment will pass. 2
ChicagoRT @ChiPhotoGuy: 'Tis the season! A rainy Friday night on Michigan Avenue lead to an abundance of color, light, and reflections // #ILwx ht… 32
Chicagothese Uptown neighbors are joining together to brighten up their block for the holidays. ❤ 1
ChicagoRT @chicagosmayor: Tomorrow the first Chicagoans will be vaccinated. This is a moment for history and a moment of hope.… 241
ChicagoRT @chicagosmayor: WATCH LIVE: Mayor Lori Lightfoot and Dr. Allison Arwady will provide an update on Chicago's COVID-19 vaccine distributio… 13
ChicagoRT @chicagobulls: Singing our National Anthem tonight: Nythia Martinez, a choir teacher at Walter Payton College Prep. Thank you Nythia fo… 26
ChicagoRT @chipublib: We released our #BestOfTheBest list for books ( last month, but the season of picking faves isn't ov… 1
ChicagoRT @JoshuaMellin: Last full run at #CTAholidaytrain today. Scheduled for Blue but rumors it will make a final lap above ground in the Loop,… 14
ChicagoRT @GovPritzker: I extended Illinois’ eviction protections into their 10th month because no one deserves to lose the roof over their family… 89
ChicagoRT @chicagosmayor: Chicago has already distributed >95% of the COVID-19 vaccine doses it has received. However, at the current rate of dose… 1567
ChicagoIn case you haven't looked out your window yet... it's snowing out there. We already have hundreds of trucks out plowing and salting roads. Check it out: 16
ChicagoVaccine has entered the chat 💭 138
Chicagohey  spread joy, not covid 🎄 243
ChicagoRT @chicagobulls: 2021 is (finally) here. Happy New Year, #BullsNation!
ChicagoThank you for everything, Crow. 12
ChicagoRT @bennythebull: It’s here. 36
ChicagoRT @ChicagoBears: Happy New Year! 🎆 Wishing our Bears family a happy & healthy 2021.
ChicagoRT @ChiPartyAunt: Work of art. 60
ChicagoRT @drosssports: Awesome!!! 🙏🇺🇸 😷 let’s go #Chicago 3
ChicagoPor tu familia, por tu futuro, por tu vida. Usa la mascarilla.
ChicagoRT @ChiTownSports: Got to give a lot of credit to the @Chicago water department crew that came out tonight and fixed the water main in fron… 16
ChicagoRT @chicagosmayor: Go behind the scenes with Dr. Pamela Tanyitiku of Loretto Hospital as she marks the beginning of the end of the coronavi… 19
ChicagoRT @ty_optix: The location vs The shot 226
ChicagoWhen a drunk driver in Washington Park crashed into one of our city's last independent newsstands, a group of Chicagoans showed up and rebuilt it. This year has been extremely challenging but Chicagoans continue to come together to help their neighbors. 5
Chicagothis is the real deal 50
ChicagoTómamos un momento para compartir algunos recordatorios sobre cómo celebrar esta temporada de fiestas de manera segura.