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Chicago Cityscape #DenyThePermitAnother 62 dwelling units a block from a CTA station were permitted (well, the shallow foundation plus structural steel was). See where: 2
Chicago Cityscape #DenyThePermitHere’s an article about the first use of this surcharge 0
Chicago Cityscape #DenyThePermitRT @robertloerzel: Formerly the Wilson Men's Hotel SRO in Uptown 8
Chicago Cityscape #DenyThePermitI am very pleased with this number. If every interior apartment applied for last week gets built this year, that’s a little over 70 new dwelling units non-subsidized that’ll likely rent at non-crazy looking prices. 0
Chicago Cityscape #DenyThePermitThe petition to build affordable housing and not keep a surface parking lot (but still have about the same number of parking spaces) on city-owned land has an update about a meeting TONIGHT. 1
Chicago Cityscape #DenyThePermitIn one week, 110 property owners have told City Hall they intend to build an ADU! 7
Chicago Cityscape #DenyThePermitRT @ChgoCivilRights: WEDNESDAY: Get training, get legal support, and get organized to access housing in Cook County! People with records, l… 10
Chicago Cityscape #DenyThePermitRT @LynnBecker: A coalition including AIA Chicago, DOCOMOMO, The National Trust, Landmarks Illinois and Preservation Chicago and others ha… 14
Chicago Cityscape #DenyThePermitRT @SorenSpicknall: The rapid disappearance of SROs in the city is a huge contributor to homelessness. A lot of now-closed SROs were run po… 16
Chicago Cityscape #DenyThePermitThis is a great guess. But while The Spire got a foundation+caissons permit for a 150-story building in 2007, it never got the "building (up)" permit. Foundation permit: 0
Chicago Cityscape #DenyThePermitRT @cta: It is with great sadness we learned this weekend of the passing of Helmut Jahn, an architect whose unforgettable work is part of o… 106
Chicago Cityscape #DenyThePermitNew article written by Jay Koziarz: Four-story apartment project headed to vacant lot on 43rd Street The "as of right" developed doesn't seek any kind of zoning change of financial support from the city – See it here: 3
Chicago Cityscape #DenyThePermitRT @CYimby: If you are free next Tuesday this looks like a great project. This is in the 47th ward. 1
Chicago Cityscape #DenyThePermitRT @paytonchung: Urban population "growth rates slowed throughout the 2010s, in part because many cities built too little housing," squande… 9
Chicago Cityscape #DenyThePermitA tower crane permit was issued to build this massive parking garage in the West Loop. 1
Chicago Cityscape #DenyThePermitThe answer: Aqua Tower was permitted with 958 units in February 2007. However, it doesn't have that many units so I think that includes the hotel rooms. Permit: 0
Chicago Cityscape #DenyThePermitNew article written by Jay Koziarz: Five-story apartment project in the works for Lincoln Avenue The development would deliver 68 rental units to 3914 N. Lincoln Avenue – See it here: 1
Chicago Cityscape #DenyThePermitAqua Tower = a single suburban subdivision of people, but less emissions and car crashes and transportation costs 0
Chicago Cityscape #DenyThePermit@tfletch2 That building wasn't permitted in 2007 0
Chicago Cityscape #DenyThePermitRT @SZReports: Like millions of others, this suburban Chicago homeowner accepted COVID-19 mortgage forbearance -- a pause in payments, inte… 5