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Chicago Cityscape #DenyThePermitIs a 3-flat for a vacant lot next to the Bloomingdale Trail/606 too much, or something? (I think that the "predominance of the block" minimum density rule doesn't apply to this project because the majority of this side of the street is non-residential.) 0
Chicago Cityscape #DenyThePermit@BuildingChi Great minds think alike. I took this photo 1.5 years ago 0
Chicago Cityscape #DenyThePermit@ArchiJake yep, the coworking space is mentioned in the permit as "commercial space". I believe the parking lot is only for users of the building. It was/will be under separate permit. 0
Chicago Cityscape #DenyThePermit@solarpowerspork Maybe @Dennis_Rodkin can interview some of the 100s of people who live in converted churches in Chicago to see how they feel a couple years after moving in. 0
Chicago Cityscape #DenyThePermit@ArchiJake @garrettgreen What's the feasibility of converting a cinema to housing? 0
Chicago Cityscape #DenyThePermitRT @garrettgreen: New City is about to be a very large, very empty development 1
Chicago Cityscape #DenyThePermitThis permit has been tagged and added to our “Adaptive reuse” topic to make it easy to find other examples in Chicago. 0
Chicago Cityscape #DenyThePermitJust permitted: A conversion of the former St. James United Methodist Church into 29 apartments. 3
Chicago Cityscape #DenyThePermit@transportnexus And the climate emergency that City Council established last summer 0
Chicago Cityscape #DenyThePermitRT @transportnexus: Wanted to reflect further on thoughts about why this development proposal is so terrible. It boils down to a few key co… 7
Chicago Cityscape #DenyThePermitAwesome! Now can we have BRT on Chicago Avenue? 0
Chicago Cityscape #DenyThePermit@DoubleChinner This is the first permit for this project. The parking lot modifications will be permitted separately. And there will likely be another permit for the buildout of the apartments. There was an Easy Permit in 2017 to do spot tuckpointing, though. 0
Chicago Cityscape #DenyThePermitSterling Bay and Gensler have new renderings of the first Lincoln Yards building, for life sciences companies: 2
Chicago Cityscape #DenyThePermitThat might be this permit, at 3051 W 48th Place, for "a new 1-story recyclable material transfer station". 0
Chicago Cityscape #DenyThePermitThis is really, really good for Evanston and should probably be duplicated in the older cities in Cook County. What’s kinda funny about it is that most of these lots that were unbuildable before the rule change would be buildable if they were under Chicago’s zoning rules. 0
Chicago Cityscape #DenyThePermit@Chi_WCP This project looks to be privately funded. Have you noticed construction starting? There is a CHA-associated project two blocks east, at 508 E Pershing. 0