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Chicago Cityscape@EricAllixRogers Ooh and it’s got a basement unit 0
Chicago CityscapeRT @davedoigchi: Place-based, long-term, coordinated social impact investments can spur redevelopment. Leverage community assets, authentic… 6
Chicago CityscapeDemolished earlier this year, the former Wrigley gum factory is being replaced by a newly-permitted 114,344 sf package warehouse/distribution facility. 2
Chicago CityscapeWe just learned that this is a project from the Chicago Metropolitan Housing Development Corporation (CMHDC) and the apartments will be designated affordable. 0
Chicago Cityscape@_GXM Are you surprised the building is still there? 0
Chicago CityscapeA new bakery was permitted in this former restaurant space. 0
Chicago Cityscape@LindaNgo18 Contact a solar installer; they’ll usually handle permits. 0
Chicago Cityscape"Instead of a social safety net, people were encouraged to just buy a house — that would be their safety net." 7
Chicago Cityscape@nzettelplanning Does it follow the old parcel lines of the land under the highway? 0
Chicago CityscapeWho's hyped for the new Wrigleyville Taco Bell? It's gonna be in this building and it just got permitted. 3
Chicago CityscapeMajor upgrades at the Urban Kayak facility on the riverwalk (basically in front of Vista tower) were permitted. 1
Chicago CityscapeTo round out this thread...two other solar installers in Chicago are Certasun 0
Chicago Cityscape@mckiesdjlounge Both can still be true. A permit is good for a year, and then it can be reinstated for a fee. If the architects can keep working to make plans for the permit, it often makes sense to reach that milestone and handle funding issues afterwards. 0
Chicago Cityscape@quinnkasal Where's the replacement McDonald's? 0
Chicago Cityscape@LindaNgo18 Here are some of the big solar installers, including a local one. 0
Chicago CityscapeRT @FirmScwaz: @ChiBuildings No, as of sometime yesterday signs were up: it’s going to be the “Toyota Pop Up Experience”. Ugh. 1
Chicago CityscapeA new 12-story office building was permitted, designed by @hparchitecture. See where: 0
Chicago CityscapeSurprise building permit: The University of Chicago is building a high-bay warehouse with a crane in which to develop "large scale scientific instruments". 1